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First Capital Connect Delays

Real reasons for First Capital Connect delays and cancellations


First Capital Connect wins an award! SCROOGE OF THE YEAR
(The Times)

This train has been cancelled. This is due to no decent management being available.

Spring 2016. First Capital Connect has gone. Good riddance. Is Thameslink any better? In some ways no, in some ways, yes. At least it's not First Group. Anyway, for posterity read the below paragraph then the book by Matthed Engel.

Note that I have retired from being Crapmaster (I had previously been a Fencemaster) I'm now a fully qualified Tagmaster - oh yes. Just so you know.

This entire site is now dedicated to the tremendous book and work overall of the wonderful Matthew Engel, author of: 'Eleven Minutes Late: A Train Journey to the Soul of Britain'. A proper, inspiring, grown-up writer.

Moving swiftly on, check out the below (it won't take long and there are a few pictures) and you'll:

SEE Elaine Holt, the ex-MD of First Capital Connect, LAUGH at evening peak restrictions
READ how much 'the cattle farmer' Sir Moir Lockhead, ex-CEO of FirstGroup, got paid
LEARN exactly where all the money you pay to travel to work (in theory at least) goes.

To celebrate the current extra-special descent into disorganised chaos, you can now:

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Everything on this site is accurate and verifiable, mostly by the published words of the ex-MD Elaine Holt and current CEO Sir Moir Lockhead themselves. All media references included. I regularly take in corrections and amendments when they come my way, so don't be shy, just dive in. I'm not precious.

FirstGroup rail profits hit record level

first capital connect profits 2006

First defended the soaring profits at a time of above-inflation rises in rail fares by maintaining that most of the increase in revenues came from higher traffic levels.
(See the original here)

FirstGroup profits rise with fuel prices

first capital connect profits 2007

Chief executive Moir Lockhead said the Aberdeen-based group was witnessing a 'modal shift', driving millions more people on to trains and buses.
(See the original here)

And finally, TO CAP IT ALL, from Reuters news agency:

Cazenove analysts said FirstGroup has delivered 'a solid set of first-half results in line with our expectations and demonstrating strong growth. 'FirstGroup remains our favoured pick in the sector given its low exposure to rail activities, which we view as the most economically sensitive aspect of public transport activities.'

Did you get that? FirstGroup has: a low exposure to rail activities

Marvellous news eh? FirstGroup annually announces record-breaking profits and is the investment analyst's dearest darling because it's not over-exposed to rail activities.

That just about says it all.

Demand for public transport drives FirstGroup

first capital connect profits 2008

Now, please put down any hot drinks you might be holding before reading this next bit, how on earth can the above-illustrated massive profitabilty result in me reading THIS in The Guardian in early November 2009:

FirstGroup Profits 2009

The owner of four of Britain's largest rail contracts said its First Capital Connect (FCC) and First Great Western (FGW) businesses would collect multimillion-pound payments after falling short of revenue targets. The full feature is here

first capital connect profits 2008

' I had a chance yesterday to test my long-standing thesis that FirstGroup, the rail and bus operator, is the worst company in Britain. I suggested writing my column about it – and a gratifying chorus of hatred swiftly arose from all my colleagues. "Are they the b------s that run the Thameslink line? Go get 'em!" was the general consensus.'
Andrew Gilligan

Back to the start of 2009 when I thought FirstGroup and First Capital Connect warrented more research. Thanks to the magic of the Interweb, you don't have to try too hard to get an awful lot of background on First Capital Connect, so here goes.

This won't be too long, boring and nerdy and as mentioned above, I'll throw in a few pictures. Also please note that this is NOT a blog. Honest. please trust me on that.

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